Appreciated Securities Donations

At the heart of stewardship in my own reflections and my own search for how it touches my life it has prompted me to ask that questions more than once, ‘What do I own and what owns me?’—Archbishop Thomas Murphy

Examining ourselves in the way Archbishop Murphy examined himself can inspire thoughts about all that we have. You may find that you have appreciated securities purchased some time ago at a much lower value that could make a meaningful impact on your parish, a ministry or the diocese.

Tax Treatment

Donating publicly traded appreciated stock or mutual fund shares is a strategic gift-planning method. For most people, the after-tax cost is less than a cash gift.

  • If held for more than 12 months and you can itemize, the fair market value as of the date of the gift is eligible for deduction.
  • The donated value may be deductible up to 30% of your adjusted gross income and can be carried over for up to five years.
  • Capital gains tax will not be assessed.

The IRS offers guidance to establish the value of your securities donations in publication 561.

How to donate appreciated securities

If your parish has a brokerage account, please contact parish staff.

Otherwise, the diocese processes securities donations as a service to parishes and ministries.

  1. How your gift is processed depends upon whether you hold your securities in a brokerage account or have physical possession of the certificates. Contact the Stewardship and Development office at (816) 714-2363 if you need help determining how to proceed.
  2. If your securities are held electronically, download the Securities Donation form below and send it to your brokerage. Please send a copy to both Linda Maclean at Wells Fargo (, Fax: 913-234-7717) and to Stewardship and Development (, Fax: 816-756-5089).
  3. The diocese will sell your securities and send the proceeds to the parish, school or ministry you designated on the Securities Donation form.

Please consult with your own attorney and other professional advisors regarding your personal tax and financial situation.

Document: Securities Donation Form

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