Parish Based Ministry Grant

The arrival of spring has been a struggle this year, much like the lives of those served through your parish ministries. As the grant application process for 2018/2019 opens, I am reminded of Pope Francis’ call to serve one another, seeing Christ in our neighbor. Our service to our neighbors is more than heartfelt concern, it is a grace given to both you and those in need.

This year, we are able to set aside $135,000 from the Annual Catholic Appeal for the Parish Based Ministry Grants.  The grant award committee will be able to provide grants to support the activities of parishes throughout the Diocese of Kansas City –St. Joseph.  Each year we receive many more requests than we can fund due to limited resources.  All parishes are encouraged to apply but be aware that preference will be given to parishes that the committee deems to have the greater need with a preferential option to those serving the poorest in our communities. As you consider what your request will be, remember that the grants support two areas of ministry:

  • Ministry of the Word which includes R.C.I.A., religious education, evangelization, etc.
  • Social Service Ministry which includes advocacy for the poor, emergency services, healthcare, housing, etc.

The application links are in the sidebar.  If you are applying for both ministry areas, please fill out two separate forms.  Please note that the committee always encourages and gives a closer look at collaborative efforts among parishes.  Remember, however, that each submission must come from a single parish (even if it is on behalf of several communities.)  All applications must be received no later than the end of business on MAY 4, 2018.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The grant committee looks forward to receiving your application.May God bless you and all you serve abundantly. Thank you for all that you do for the Catholic community in our Diocese and for your service to anyone who comes to you in need.

Jeremy Lillig, CSJA, Director of Stewardship and Development
Diocese of Kansas City- St. Joseph

INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPENING PDF: When you click on the link for the applications PDF, they may not open properly.  You can tell that they are not working if you do not see a light blue or violet tint to the area you use to type your information. Instead of a bright purple strip at the top, there will be a light yellow strip that says “This PDF document may not be displayed correctly”. If you see that message go to the right-top in that same strip of yellow and there will be a rectangle that says “open with different viewer”.  Click on that rectangle and choose“open with Adobe Acrobat”. The PDF should open properly. After completing your application follow instructions in the dark purple strip at the top of PDF. If you have difficulties with the PDF, please contact us.

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