Finance and Management Services

The Finance and Management Services Service Area encompasses those offices that relate to the stewardship and oversight of the financial, human and physical resources of the diocese.  Directed by Angela Laville, Diocesan Finance Officer/Treasurer the area includes the following offices and personnel:

Finance Office
Angela Laville, Diocesan Finance Officer/Treasurer
(816) 714-2319

Monica Adams, Diocesan Internal Auditor
(816) 714-2316

Susan Hayes, Administrative Assistant
(816) 714-2317


Accounting Office
Donna Lewis, Director of Accounting Services
(816) 714-2320

Lisa Grable, Accounting Staff
(816) 714-2321

Diane Budke, Parish Accounting Services Manager
(816) 714-2452


Facilities and Real Estate Management Office
Bill Gagnon, Facilities and Real Estate Manager
(816) 714-2368

Martha Kauffman, Construction Manager
(816) 714-2370

Lisa Grable, Administrative Assistant
(816) 714-2369


Chancery Building Operations
Margaret Ratterman, Receptionist
(816) 756-1850

Tina Seeger, Printing & Mailing Clerk
(816) 714-2353

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