Annual Catholic Appeal

Bishop Johnston’s 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal message

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The Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, comprised of 83 parishes and 10 missions throughout 27 counties in North and West Missouri, has been blessed through the generosity of so many people such as you. With our 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA) theme, “Giving in Love,” I am inviting you to be part of serving God with the gifts you have been given to equip others spiritually, socially, and educationally through the parish and diocesan ministries funded by the Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA).

As you may know, gifts to the Annual Catholic Appeal serve as the primary means to fund the more than 30 ministries, directed through the Diocesan Chancery Offices, that assist our parishes and Catholics throughout the diocese. While our financial goal of $2,000,000 is very important, it is just as essential for each of us to grow in faith and to accompany others into a life of faith and life in Jesus. Put simply, the ACA strengthens your parish and every parish. We need each other to do “the work of the ministry.” God has given us many blessings. Let us join together as one family through acts of love as disciples of Our Lord.

Each dollar that you contribute assists in the ministries below:

Catholic Charities
Parish Based Ministry Grants
Hispanic Ministry

Catholic School Office
Bright Futures Fund
Office of Catechesis and Faith Formation

Vocation Office
Seminarian Education
Office of Consecrated Life
Diaconate Program
Divine Worship Office
Priestly Life and Ministry
Marriage and Family Life
Young Adult Ministry
Campus Ministry
Office of Youth Ministry
Human Rights Office
Respect Life Office
Office of the Tribunal
Administrative Services for All Employees

How can I help?

You can help meet this year’s 2024 ACA diocesan goal of $2,000,000 by considering making a gift or a pledge to the 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA). Through your generosity, you will make a difference for both your parish and every parish of the Diocese.  There are many giving options to contribute to the 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal, “Giving in Love,” highlighting the communion which helps us carry out God’s mission together, impacting so many lives, including our own.

  • To make a 2024 ACA ONE-TIME Gift Donation using your Credit or Debit Card/Bank Account, click the button below.

2024 Annual Appeal One-Time Donation

  • To make a 2024 ACA PLEDGE PAYMENT using your Credit or Debit Card/Bank Account, click the button below:

2024 ACA Pledge Payment

  • To setup a 2024 ACA NEW PLEDGE (10 equal monthly installments starting 2024 through Oct. 2024) using your Credit or Debit Card/Bank Account, click the button below

Set Up a 2024 ACA New Pledge

  • Download forms to make a stock transfer, IRA gift, or gift of grain from Planned Giving Forms or contact the Office of Stewardship and Development at 816.714.2346 for information.

Planned Giving Forms

  • To MAKE A 2023 ACA PLEDGE PAYMENT, “Joyful in hope,” using your Credit/Debit card, click button below:

2023 ACA Pledge Payment

If you prefer to be billed for your one-time gift/or pledge for the 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal, Giving in Love,” please complete the form below.

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    Please use this field to enter the TOTAL amount you would like to pledge. If you choose monthly billing or some other frequency this total gift will be divided into the appropriate recurring amount.
  • Please select your parish. If you do not belong to a parish in this Diocese please choose Other at the bottom of the list.
    Please check this box if your gift is $1000 or more or if it is 1% or more of your annual household income.
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