Human Rights

Christ gives us a command to live out the Gospel in a social context, to be a witness to the core tenet of our Catholic faith — the inherent dignity of every person, through an active human engagement in the Church’s authentic teaching of the principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, and the common good.

The Human Rights Office strives to embrace and answer this call by working closely with parishes, with community partners and with individuals through programs of pastoral care, education, prayer and worship, and public policy advocacy that provide opportunities for each person to share his or her own unique set of God-given gifts in the service of others.

All programs, activities and events reflect the authentic teachings of Sacred Scripture, the Magisterium and Church Tradition under the direction of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Office of Justice, Peace and Human Development.

Our Role
​The Human Rights Office works collaboratively with our parishes, with other Catholic agencies and with local and regional community service organizations on issues such as incarceration and reentry, economic development, immigration and cultural diversity.  Our mission is accomplished through the faithful works of staff along with dedicated volunteers who serve in parishes and on diocesan leadership committees.

The Human Rights Office has three key roles:

  1. Support parish Human Rights / Life & Justice ministries — Human Rights programs designed and developed at the diocesan level are made available to local parishes, schools and Catholic organizations which in turn customize the programs to meet the particular needs of their respective communities.  The success of each programs is ensured through the faithful efforts of pastors, teachers, parents, youth and parish volunteers.
  2. Provide guidance and resources  — Issues regarding dignity of the person affect everyone and the teachings of the Church, although always consistent, sometime require clarification and confirmation.  Personal or professional resources in the form of referrals or documentation can also be requested.
  3. Host diocesan-level activities and events — Annual events such as workshops, conferences and diocesan Masses are a great way to share in the fellowship and in the Human Rights experiences of all of our faithful.

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