Planning for a Parish Liturgy with the Bishop

Liturgy planning sheets for confirmation, Mass with the bishop, etc. are available by emailing Lorie Sage at

Directive notes for Readers:

  • The petitions of the universal prayer are usually read by the deacon, but they may be read by someone else if desirable.
  • The person reading the petitions of the universal prayer (prayer of the faithful) should remain in place after the final petition until the bishop finishes the concluding prayer.

Directives for Sacristans:

  • If possible, 7 candles should be provided when the Bishop presides.
  • The bishop prefers to use a book stand for the missal on the altar. The bishop prefers to use a presider’s chalice with one host on a paten. He also prefers a chalice veil. However, a burse is not used.
  • The bishop prefers to have bells rung as follows: during the consecration, once for the showing of the host and once for the showing of the chalice. Bells are not rung before the consecration nor when he receives communion.
  • The bishop prefers that communion under both kinds be offered to all the faithful at this mass.

Protocols for the Bishop presiding at Confirmations during the pandemic

  • All are expected to adhere to the diocesan liturgical protocols in place for the pandemic, as well as all local civic restrictions.
  • The bishop is suspending his usual hour-long talk with the candidates and sponsors prior to the celebration of the Confirmation Mass.
  • The parish is permitted to livestream the celebration and make recordings available.
  • For the entrance procession, the Bishop will take the shortest route possible from sacristy to sanctuary. Only the deacon and MC will accompany him in the procession. All others will be seated before the liturgy begins, including all confirmation candidates and multiple concelebrants. If there is only one priest, however, he may process ahead of the bishop.
  • All seats in the sanctuary are to be spaced at six feet. If the presence of assisting ministers requires additional seats that would compromise that distance, those ministers must occupy seats outside the sanctuary, six feet from all others.
  • In the absence of servers, the MC may invite the priest and deacons to perform their roles.
  • During the administration of confirmation, any deacon or minister who holds the sacred chrism or draws near the bishop must wear a mask. Candidates and sponsors are to wear masks and remain six feet apart from all, except for the act of confirmation when the sponsors may each step forward to give the bishop the name of the candidate and to place their right hand on the candidate’s shoulder. The bishop will not shake each candidate’s hand; instead, the two will exchange peace in words and a bow of the head.
  • The Bishop will sanitize his fingers after each anointing. The parish is to provide sanitary wipes, a container for the bishop to discard them after each confirmation, and provision to burn them at a later date. Because the wipes have touched sacred chrism, they are not to be thrown into the trash.
  • One photographer approved by the host pastor may discreetly take photos from the sides during the confirmation of each candidate. Family members and friends may leave their pews to receive communion, but they are not to leave their pews to take photos.
  • At the dismissal, only those who took part in the entrance procession exit with the bishop, taking the shortest route to the sacristy.
  • The bishop will not pose for photographs nor visit with people after the service.
  • No gathering or reception may take place at the conclusion. The people are to be instructed to move out of the building and return to their cars immediately following the celebration.

(August 19, 2020)

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