Candidates in Formation

Deacon Class 21


Deacon Aspirant Joseph Arnone

Joe and Donna Arnone

Married 23 years, 1 child, Nativity of Mary parish (Independence, MO)



Deacon Aspirant Michael Casteel

Mike and Jamie Casteel

Married 10 years, 2 children, St. Gregory Barbarigo Parish (Maryville, MO)



Deacon Aspirant Andre Fontcha

Andre Fontcha and Prisca Y. Taguep

Married 17 years, 4 children, St. James Parish



Deacon Aspirant Juan Garcia

Juan and Zulema Garcia 

Married 22 years, 2 children, St. Mark Parish (Independence, MO)



Deacon Aspirant James Hall

Jim and Kathleen Hall

Married 28 years, 3 children, Twelve Apostles Parish (Platte City, MO)



Deacon Aspirant Randy Holtman

Randy and Susie Holtman

Married 28 years, 4 children, St. Gregory Barbarigo Parish (Maryville, MO)



Deacon Aspirant Richard Isaacks

Richard and Stephanie Isaacks

Married 27 years, 4 children, St. John LaLande Parish (Blue Springs, MO)



Deacon Aspirant Carl Johnson

Carl and Marilyn Johnson

Married 6 years, 6 children, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish (St. Joseph, MO)



Deacon Aspirant Julio Lara

Julio and Joselina Lara

Married 18 years, 1 child, St. Anthony Parish (KCMO)



Deacon Aspirant Mark Nold

Widower, 2 children, St. Aloysius Mission (Maysville, MO)




Deacon Aspirant Jordan Schiele

Jordan and Jessie Schiele

Married 7 years, 2 children, St. Anthony Parish (KCMO)



Deacon Aspirant Rick Schwind

Rick and Amy Schwind

Married 20 years, 2 children, Good Shepherd Parish (Smithville, MO)



Deacon Aspirant David Talken

Dave and Becky Talken

Married 21 years, 3 children, St. Margaret of Scotland Parish (Lee’s Summit, MO)



Deacon Aspirant Sal Valldeperas

Sal and Beth Valldeperas

Married 17 years, 7 children, Visitation Parish (KCMO)



Deacon Aspirant Raymundo Sanchez

Raymundo and Onelys Sanchez




Deacon Aspirant Sergio Ulloa

Sergio Ulloa and Mariana Díaz

Married 22 years, 3 children, Holy Cross Parish (KCMO)



Deacon Aspirant Corey Morgan

Corey and Sonja Morgan

Married 12 years, 4 children, St. Sabina Parish (Belton, MO)



Deacon Aspirant Juan Rodriguez

Juan and Claudia Rodriguez

Married 21 years, 2 children, St. James Parish




Ordained June 9, 2018: Deacon Class 20

Deacon Brian Buckner

Brian and Lucinda Buckner

Married 26 years – 4 children St. Andrew the Apostle Parish (KCMO)



Deacon Robert Falke

Robert and Sherry Falke

Married 28 years – 2 children St. John Francis Regis Parish (KCMO)



Deacon Joshua Fultz

Josh and Mandy Fultz

Married 15 years Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph (St. Joseph, MO)



Deacon Jim Koger

Jim and Teri Koger

Married 27 years – 6 children St. Patrick Parish (North KC)



Deacon Mike Koile

Mike and Chris Koile

Married 35 years – 3 children Church of the Good Shepherd (Smithville, MO)



Deacon Fred Lange

Fred and Shelli Lange

Married 19 years – 3 children Holy Spirit Parish (Lee’s Summit, MO)



Deacon Paul Nguyen

Paul Nguyen and Anna Pham

Married 31 years – 3 children Church of the Holy Martyrs (KCMO)



Deacon Victor Quiason

Victor and Catherine Quiason

Married 34 years – 3 children St. Charles Borromeo Parish (Gladstone, MO)



Deacon David Rennicke

David and Dianne Rennicke

Married 34 years – 3 children St. Margaret of Scotland Parish (Lee’s Summit, MO)



Deacon Shane Voyles

Shane and Patty Voyles

Married 20 years – 4 children St. John Lalande Parish (Blue Springs, MO)



Deacon Joe Zagar

Joe and Mindy Zagar

Married 19 years-3 children Our Lady of the Presentation Parish (Lee’s Summit, MO)

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