Diocesan Finance Office

The Diocesan Finance Office oversees the overall Diocesan finance and accounting functions.  Specific areas of responsibility include day to day accounting, financial reporting, treasury and investment activities and development/promotion of diocesan fiscal policy.  Members of the Finance Office Staff provide consultative services and assistance to parishes and schools in the areas of finance, accounting, and financial reporting.

The Diocesan Finance Officer and the Internal Auditor provide staff support to the Diocesan Finance Council and the Diocesan Investment Committee, and serve on the Lay Pension Board and Benefits Committee. The Diocesan Finance Officer also serves on the Priest Pension Board, and as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Deposit & Loan Fund.

Diocesan Finance Council (2021)

Most Rev. James V. Johnston, Jr.
Monica Adams (Staff)
David Brain
John Crowe
Christine DeMarea
John DeStefano
Fr. Ron Elliott
Theresa Hupp
Eileen Hutchinson
Alan Lankford
Jeremy Lillig, Ex Officio
Angela Laville (Staff)
Thomas McCullough
George McLiney
Rev. Patrick Rush
Margo Shepard
Jim VanDyke

Diocesan Investment Committee (2021)

Tracey Lewis (Chairperson)
Monica Adams (Staff)
Katheigh Degen
Kevin Emmendorfer
Ray Evans
Marlin Fiola
Linda Hanson
Angela Laville (Staff)
Joseph Massman
Joseph Nastasi

Lay Pension Board (2021)

Angela Laville (Chairperson)
Monica Adams
Rev. Matthew Brumleve
Pat Burbach
Vicki Kinney
Bob Roper
Martin Verstraete

Priest Pension Board (2021)

Rev. Charles Rowe (Chairperson)
Rev. Ernest Davis
Nick Hadley
Rev. Gregory Haskamp
Angela Laville
Bob Roper
Rev. M. Jeffrey Stephan
Deacon Joseph Whiston

Deposit & Loan Fund Board of Trustees (2021)

Angela Laville (Chairperson)
Monica Adams
Rev. Matthew Brumleve
Linda Hanson
Eileen Hutchinson
Rev. Kenneth Riley
Rev. Charles Rowe

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