General FAQ

Does the Vocations Office accept applications from outside the diocese?

We are currently not accepting applications from outside the diocese. Prospective applicants must first relocate to within diocesan boundaries by their own means.

I want to help support vocations.

There are many local organizations that help support vocations. Find some on our Support Vocations page.

How should I react if my son wants to become a priest?

Knowing and understanding your own feelings and the reasons for them is an important step in knowing how to respond to your son or daughter. God calls each of us to a vocation and has blessed us with certain abilities and talents. Some of us are called to be married, others are called to be single. Still others are called to the priesthood or religious life. We hope that if your child shows an interest in the priesthood you will be supportive and encouraging. Find more FAQ for parents on the USCCB site.

My son is interested in becoming a priest. Can I get the paperwork started?

Prospective applicants must complete paperwork themselves.

Are there resources for parents of seminarians locally?

Yes! There is a strong community of families of seminarians to support you during your son’s discernment. Please contact our office for more details.

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