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Preparing to Vote/ Preparándose para Votar

“Voting is one of our greatest duties as Christian citizens...As your bishop, I humbly offer what follows as points to consider while you prepare to vote this November.”

Pastoral LetterCarta Pastoral

Catholic Social and Moral Responsibility

Racial HealingDefending Life

Keeping the Lord’s Day/ Guardando el Día del Señor

May 2020 Pastoral Letter/Carta Pastoral

"Our Diocesan Mutually Shared Vision calls us to be One Family: Restored in Christ – Equipped for Mission/Una Familia: Renovada en Cristo – Equipada para la Misión. Learn more about the priorities and goals, implementation updates, discover resources, view and videos."

- Bishop James V. Johnston -

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2021 Annual Catholic Appeal

"One Family...Walking Together in Faith"

… The Love of Christ Urges us on.

—2 Cor. 5:14

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