Our Vision

After collaborating from July to December of 2018, Bishop Johnston and the Visioning Team crafted a plan for the Diocese’s immediate future. The information gathered from the faithful through the 10 Listening Sessions, online submissions and listening sessions with clergy was studied in great depth. Your input was vital in shaping plans for our future as a Diocese through concrete hopes, dreams and goals for our Church.

Following much study, consideration, and prayer Bishop Johnston and the Visioning Team has discerned that God is calling us to be…

One outgrowth of this vision has been the call to participation in a…

Holy Year of Renewal

We have begun to put this Mutually Shared Vision for our Diocese into action though the celebration of a Holy Year of Renewal.  It began on Ash Wednesday (March 6, 2019) as an invitation to live our Catholic Faith more fully. Diocesan and Parish events that correlate to the Mutually Shared Vision have been scheduled periodically, in addition to personalized, achievable goals that every family and home can do.

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