Saturday, September 9th, 2023

Daytime Program 

7:15 am Registration check in

8:00 am  Mass

8:45 am snack break

9:15 am  Welcome & Opening Prayer ~  Lorie Sage, Office of Divine Worship

                 Michael McGlinn of Sistine Films

Father  John Burns, National Eucharistic Preacher

9:30 am Presentation One

10:00 am  ——————————-BREAK——————————

10:25 am Presentation Two

11:00 am —————————–BREAK—————————–

11:15 am Presentation Three

11:50 am  Angelus~_______________ Lunch prayer~________________

12:00 pm Lunch

1:15 pm  Exposition & Eucharistic Adoration w/ Bishop Johnston

2:15 pm  Benediction

2:30 pm  Bishop Reflection & Thank You

2:45 pm  Departure

Evening Youth Night Program

4:30 pm  Mass (optional)

6:00 pm Praise and Worship Music (in gymnasium)

6:20 pm Welcome & Opening Prayer ~ Fr. Nathan Rueb, Vocation Director,

Michael McGlinn of Sistine Films & Lorie Sage, Office of Divine Worship

6:30 pm  Speaker-Father John Burns, National Eucharistic Preacher

7:00 pm ——————————-Break—————————–

7:20 pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (move to the sanctuary)

7:50 pm Benediction

8:00 pm  1st Youth Speaker

8:10 pm  2nd Youth Speaker:

8:20 pm  3rd Youth Speaker:

8:30 pm 4th Youth Speaker:

8:50 pm  Wrap up & Thank you

9:00 pm  Goodnight!

*Confessions throughout the day and evening*

©2023 Diocese of Kansas City–St. Joseph