Titles & Patronages of St. Joseph

St. Joseph is known by several titles, many of which can be found in the Litany of St. Joseph. Among these are

  • Light of Patriarchs
  • Chaste guardian of the Virgin
  • Diligent protector of Christ
  • Head of the Holy Family
  • Joseph most just
  • Joseph most chaste
  • Joseph most strong
  • Joseph most obedient
  • Mirror of patience
  • Glory of home life
  • Guardian of virgins
  • Hope of the sick
  • Patron of the dying
  • Terror of demons
  • Protector of Holy Church

St. Joseph is most well-known as the patron saint of fathers, families and workers. However, he is patron saint for many causes, some of which are listed below:

  • against doubt/hesitation
  • accountants
  • civil engineers
  • attorneys/lawyers
  • carpenters & craftsmen
  • confectioners
  • cemetery workers
  • for a happy, holy death & for dying people
  • orphans
  • social justice
  • immigrants, emigrants and exiles
  • traveling
  • house hunting
  • pioneers
  • expectant mothers & unborn children
  • children
  • educators
  • interior souls

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