May 29: Ordination to the Priesthood

Due to the recent announcement from Mayor Lucas rescinding Kansas City’s Fourteenth Emergency COVID Order, all restrictions have been lifted on the upcoming Priestly Ordination. This means the Ordination is open to all: we will not be giving out tickets or having assigned seats.

The Ordination to the Priesthood of Deacons Armentrout, King and Lemus will be held 10 am Saturday, May 29 at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (416 W. 12th St.. Kansas City, MO 64105).

Doors open to the public at 8:30 am. The front doors will close at 9:45 am to allow the procession line to form. Please arrive early to get a seat. There will be no social distancing requirements and masks are optional.

First blessings will be immediately following the Ordination at the Cathedral.

Visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception Facebook page for a livestream of the Ordination Mass.

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