Lebanon Relief

As host to more than 1 million Syrian refugees while battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Lebanon has been suffering from an economic and a healthcare crisis.

Then, on August 4, a massive explosion rocked the city, injuring more than 5,000, killing more than 200, and additionally leaving 300,000 homeless. More than a week later, officials are still evacuating residents, while trying to grasp the cost in human life and despair.

Along with Caritas Lebanon, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is distributing emergency supplies, clearing rubble, and preparing medical and mental health teams for dispatch. They also provide immediate and critical relief to the most vulnerable—hot meals, safe shelter, medication, hygiene kits and clean water.

Many of our parishioners are already mobilizing to provide charitable love and mercy to help the suffering in Lebanon.  The Maronite Catholic bishops through the USCCB have asked that all the Catholic faithful be invited and encouraged to pray, fast and give alms. Any parishioners who would like to donate to the relief effort in Lebanon can conveniently do so through Catholic Relief Services.

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