Share the Light of Easter Vigil

Megan Marley, media coordinator
While we can’t gather in our parishes for the 2020 Easter Vigil, we can still be united in prayer and in spirit! At the opening of that liturgy, a great big fire is blessed, the Paschal candle is lit from it, and flame from the candle is shared amongst the faithful gathered in the dark church–a tangible, striking visual of the Light of Christ received at baptism.

Beginning at 8 pm this Easter Vigil (when our bishop’s liturgy starts) and throughout the Easter season to Pentecost May 31, use the symbol of light in some way to witness that the Light come to our world has conquered even death itself. Bring out strings of lights, candles or other light sources to creatively ornament your home. And as you turn on the lights each night, perhaps say a little prayer that ‘all corners of the earth be glad, knowing an end to gloom and darkness’ (from the Exsultet of Easter Vigil), both for an end to the pandemic and for the Light of Christ to be brought to all corners of the world.

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