Celebrating the Month of Mary

Megan Marley, media coordinator
Did you know there’s a long-standing tradition of dedicating each month of the year to a particular devotion of our Catholic Faith?

For centuries, the month of May has traditionally been one to honor and celebrate Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ (more on the history of this here). Below are some ways to observe the month of Mary:

Ways to honor Mary in May

  1. Put up an image of Mary in/around your home
  2. Ask for Mary’s intercession
  3. Hold your own May crowning of Mary at home
  4. Pray a Rosary
  5. Plant a Mary garden
  6. Read Bible passages about Mary (The first two chapters of Luke are a good place to start!)
  7. Make a morning offering prayer of your day to Jesus, through Mary
  8. Learn more about Marian Consecration
  9. Pray the Angelus
  10. Follow Mary’s example–imitate her virtues, perform works of mercy
  11. Read more about her–the writings of St. Alphonsus de Liguori, St. Louis de Montfort and St. Maximilian Kolbe may be good to try!
  12. Listen to/sing hymns and songs about Mary
  13. Learn more about four important Marian dogmas of our Faith

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