It’s The Best!

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice…” Philippians 4:4

My residence is only a few blocks from the Power & Light District downtown. Following the Chiefs’ historic Super Bowl victory on Sunday night, I noticed streams of cars and people heading there to gather in celebration. I decided to check it out myself. Along the way, I turned to a jubilant group of young people and remarked, “This is fun, isn’t it?” To which a beaming young woman replied, “It’s the best!”

There are few things like sports to unite a civic community. Barriers of all kinds drop and a solidarity around the team suspends all animosities and divisions. In a Super Bowl victory everyone is kin. These moments live warmly in memories and history and are talked about for generations. They are fun to be a part of.

It is instructive so that we can reflect on the even more significant moments of faith and our life together in the Church. I have often thought when celebrating the Holy Eucharist on certain occasions, “this is the best!” for it often dawns on me, in the midst of the cares of my life, what I get to take part in; namely, the victory of Jesus over everything that is most arrayed against me: sin, death, hell, the devil. The Eucharist is the celebration of His death and resurrection, which has become a pledge for mine and ours too. It breaks down all transcends all barriers and divisions. The sign of peace marks this reality. We are all united, in communion with Him and one another in His triumph. He is saving us!

In these days in which we all celebrate our amazing Chiefs, let us also “rejoice in the Lord always” because of His victory—for in all ways, it’s the best!

+Bishop James Johnston, Jr.
Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph
Catholic Key, February 7, 2020 issue

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