Diocesan Gift Designation

Information and Suggested Terminology for Donations to the Church

The official title of this Missouri Corporation is:
The Catholic Diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph
The Diocesan Federal ID Number is 44-0546494

General Bequest to Diocese
“I give, devise and bequeath to the “Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph,” 20 West Ninth Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64105, (dollar amount, percent, residue, securities or property as described) for its general use and purposes as directed by its Ordinary.”

Designated Bequest
“I give, devise and bequeath to [‘______________________ Catholic Church’] or Ministry — include street address, city and state’ and dollar amount, percent, residue, securities, or specific property for the specific purposes (if any) of said Church or Ministry, to be determined by its governing authority.”

Official names of specific Parishes (officially referred to as “Catholic Church”) of the Diocese are listed on the State of Missouri’s website by searching at https://bsd.sos.mo.gov/BusinessEntity/BESearch.aspx?SearchType=0

Type in a specific entity at “Business Name” using “St.”/not “Saint” and “Catholic Church/”not “Parish” to access the record. Select the appropriate Kansas City-St. Joseph Church from among the results. Always consult the Stewardship and Development Office for questions.

©2018 Diocese of Kansas City–St. Joseph

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